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If you are looking for a pool and spa parts supplier, then you need look no further. Pogue Pool Spa is your one-stop shopping center for pool and spa parts.

Get Your Sporting Goods Gear and More at Pogue Supply

At Pogue Supply, we have over twenty years of experience working with customers, professionals, and distributors within the pool and spa industry. We understand how much work your pool or spa can be, and we understand your frustration when your pool or spa needs additional maintenance, like replacement parts, to work properly. That’s why we offer all of the replacement parts or maintenance supplies you need for your pool and spa to work efficiently. Our website features easy-to-use navigation with pictures, product descriptions, and details so you know exactly what you’re getting when you place your order with us.



As we’ve gained experience and recognition within the pool and spa industry, we’ve also had the opportunity to blend our products and services with other industries. While we certainly still offer pool and spa products, we now also offer additional products for the automotive industry and the sporting goods industry including products like appliance and automotive parts, dial and button switches, irrigation, and sporting good products like fishing and hunting gear. Our goal is to make Pogue Supply your one-stop shop so you can find the appropriate vacuum parts for your pool and buy fishing gear in the same place. Read more about our different products and product categories below.


Appliance Parts
We offer parts for the following appliances and devices: compactor, dehumidifier, dishwasher, grill, oven, refrigeration, and washers. We know how costly it can be to replace your appliances, which is why we offer so many affordable parts and options for them. All of our appliance parts are broken down into categories, which makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for without spending a ton of time or money.


Dial/Button Switches
Our dial/button switch category features knobs and switches for various appliances, like the whirlpool rotary knob switch. This category is a great option if you simply need a replacement knob for your appliance at a low, great price.


Automotive Parts
Our automotive parts section contains replacement parts for your vehicle that will have it working properly in no time without you having to take it to a costly maintenance or body repair shop.


Irrigation System
From advanced drainage systems to pliers and sprinkler nozzles, this section features nearly everything you could possibly think of to ensure the irrigation system at your home is working properly whether it’s your sprinkler system, draining system, or anything else.


Pool and Spa
Since pool and spa products are what we initially began Pogue Supply with, our pool and spa section has the biggest selection of products for your pool or spa systems. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts, sanitizers and cleaners, motors and cartridges, or water testing kits, we have everything you need and more.


Sporting Goods and Miscellaneous
We’ve recently begun expanding into the sporting goods industry - particularly with fishing and hunting gear. While we’re still expanding our selection within this category, Pogue Supply will be a great place for you to buy fishing gear, hunting gear, and other miscellaneous products you might need for a low, quality price.


Have questions about our products or services? Our customer service team is always happy to assist you. Contact our team today at 866-739-5658 or email us at info@poguesupply.com.

Check Prices for These 5 Pool Replacement Parts Before Buying that Pool

You saved up for years and the time has finally come to build your dream pool in the backyard. As you walk around the showroom, you notice fancy designs in pretty colors and widgets and gadgets galore. As you look down at the price tag, you know the price is reaching the upper end of your budget, but you can't seem to walk away because you like this style so much.


Now, let's compare cars and pools. Just like you, someone somewhere is walking around a car lot when they stumble on the vehicle of their dreams. This solid black Mercedes is the most fantastic machine ever built, according to the shopper. Again, just like you, he can't seem to walk away from the car. He feels drawn to it because he enjoys the design and look so much.



So, what do pools and cars have in common? Whether you're shopping for a new pool or new car, you rarely consider the cost of upkeep. Well, fancy pools and fancy cars are amazing to look at and enjoy and in both cases some parts require replacement. Suffice it to say, in many cases the more expensive the pool or car, the more expensive the replacement parts.


Top Caps: Top caps are snapped on top of the uprights. Most often made from plastic, rust and degradation is not an issue. Replacing top caps is usually because they’ve detached from the upright and gone missing. It may not cost much for one or two replacements, but some larger pools hold 25 or more top caps, so these pool replacement parts can get expensive quickly.


Bottom Track: The bottom track of the pool is the groove that holds the pool walls in place. Because of the direct contact with the ground and the elements, metal versions can rust quickly. These pool replacement parts are difficult to work with as the pool will require draining before the track can be replaced.


Top Rails: The top caps mentioned earlier snap onto the top rails. Top rails are similar to the bottom rim. As is the case with much older and some newer pools, metal top caps can rust through, and while this doesn’t typically cause a safety issue, the rusted metal doesn’t add to the pool’s appeal.


Bottom Rims: Bottom rims are the mold into which the walls of the pool rest. The rims sit directly on the ground. This contact with the elements leave the rims, if made of metal, more likely to rust. As it corrodes, the quality degrades and pool stabilization suffers.

Top Plate: The top plate is the point where the top ledge, upright, and stabilizers join. Many older pools are made with metal versions, which tend to rust quickly. Other materials are available today that won’t rust out, thus allowing more time between replacements.


At Pogue Supply, we carry pool replacement parts from brands like PermaCast, Hayward, InterFab, and Pentair. We offer the lowest possible prices and free shipping with no minimum purchase so that you can get a pool and maintain it too. If you have a question about your pool, or you need a part, but you’re not sure the exact name, call us at 866-739-5658 and a dedicated parts expert will walk you through answering all your questions along the way.

Pogue Supply Makes It Easy To Order Swimming Pool Parts Online

Pogue Supply is your number one online retailer for all spa and pool accessories, equipment, and parts. Owning a pool or spa is not an easy task. Between choosing a brand to purchase, the upkeep, installation, and maintenance, you need to purchase your pool or spa parts and accessories from a place you trust. Pogue Supply is one you can trust to have all top quality parts to make sure your pool or spa is always ready for summer. We carry over 20,000 parts and sell from top brands such as Hayward, Jandy, Polaris, Sta-rite, Zodiac, and the top-rated Pentair. We take pride in our low prices, high quality, and fast shipping. A deal you can’t beat! Buying your swimming pool parts online has never been easier. Check our huge variety and browse our site to find any part you might ever need as a pool owner. With your first order, you can even save 10%!



If you recently decided to upgrade to a salt water system for your pool, you should have faith in that investment to make sure it is always working. Our salt systems by Pentair are top quality machines that will always keep your pool clean by creating a chemical reaction that turns salt into chlorine without all of the negative effects of chlorine like dry skin and dry eyes. Purchase the Pentair 520555 Intellichlor Pool and Spa IC40 Salt Chlorine Generator Cell as well as the Pentair 520556 Intellichlor Pool and Spa IC40 Salt Cell Power Center Kit. Sit back, relax, and let the equipment turn your pool into a luxurious salt-water oasis. Check our saltwater pool machine parts to find more like the Autopilot 2”x2” Slip Union with Strainer Screen to upgrade your saltwater system.


Add some summer fun to your pool with a Calvert cord circulation pump for only $182.99. This 50’ cord works using a suction and discharge to create a water fountain effect right in your own home pool. If a water fountain feature is not your style, jets are also a great way to make your pool more exciting and fun for everyone. Our Balboa jet orifice pieces are sold for only $5.99 and offer a close fit. These jet orifices come in different models so that you can find the style you need to fit your jet system. From T joints, Micro jet and Micro Pulse orifice parts, our supply of jets is perfect for anyone looking to buy swimming pool parts online.


Pogue Supply offers free shipping on all products and promises a speedy delivery of products. All orders made before 12 pm CT Monday through Friday will be processed and shipped the same day providing that our items are in stock. We also offer in-store pickup for customers located in the Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas area. With over 20 years of experience in the pool and spa industry, you can trust Pogue Supply to provide you with a great assistance and expertise when it comes to buying swimming pool parts online. Visit them online today!

Get Your Swimming Pool Pumps Parts from Pogue Pool Supply

The pool is the heart of your backyard, the place where you go to get away and the place where you long to be. Keeping your pool in tip-top shape requires some love and attention and you know that a little love and care will go a long way. You also know that becoming familiar with the system and its parts can be a challenge, which is why when you need spare parts or you need to replace something, you trust in no other than Pogue Supply. When you need to find some swimming pool pumps parts, you know that the partner with the best selection, the best prices, and the most subject matter knowledge is Pogue Supply. With nearly forty years in the industry and top to bottom expertise of all things related to pools and spas, Pogue Supply is your premier partner for swimming pool pumps parts, not to mention cartridges, lighting, chemicals and shock, filters and more. Keeping everything flowing smoothly can be a daunting task, but with Pogue Supply, you’re in good hands, and your pool is crystal and clean.



Endless Selection


One of the greatest things about Pogue Supply is their veritable encyclopedia of products. When the question at hand concerns swimming pool parts, Pogue Supply is near certain to have not only the part necessary but multiple options of that part to choose from. Boasting a portfolio of brands effectively too large to summarize, Pogue Supply is stocked to the gills with the replacement parts you need to keep your pool’s pump in perfect condition and running in top shape. Do you have a connection that isn’t seating properly or a connection that is leaking? Pogue Supply has O-rings and flat and locking washers from Aquaflo and Flotec to cinch down on things in a pinch. Do you need a replacement or even a spare basket strainer for cleaning things out? With baskets from Hayward and generics, there is something for everyone. Perhaps your pool pump needs a new impeller or you’d like to stock a spare in case of emergencies. With parts fitting Acura, Hayward, Pentair and other models, there is no shortage of replacement impeller. Or maybe you even need a new pump cord to replace aging connections. Pogue Supply has them as well. It’s all here, A to Z.


Excellent Price and Expertise


Pogue Supply prides its team on having the greatest selection of swimming pool pumps parts and other pool equipment and supplies at the best prices around. However, excellent prices aren’t the end of it. Pogue Supply, having such a large array of vendor partners, maintains very close connections with each of them to ensure their customers get the best possible service in terms of availability and information. What this means for you is that when you have a question about a product or a part and its availability, Pogue Supply is quick to the draw with the answer. When you need replacements for your pool pumps, call 866-739-5658 or go to PogueSupply.com to stock up on all the pool and spa parts you need.

Buy Your Pool Pump Parts at Pogue Supply

When considering pool design, renovation, maintenance, and upkeep for personal or professional purposes, pool pumps are an integral facet of the planning and execution process. Consumers must be careful when they look to buy pool pump supplies, as pool pumps work to facilitate water circulation throughout filtration and heating systems in pool and water features. With their management of water circulation throughout said systems, pool pumps forward clean and healthy pool operations and conditions. There are a number of pool pump options for the water-worried consumer, including single speed pool pumps, dual speed, and variable speed pumps. Quality installation, combined with quality equipment of one or more of any of these pumps is integral in assuring a safe and clean swimming pool experience.



A trusted source for quality pool parts is Pogue Supply. With over 20 years of experience, Pogue Supply is a family owned company with a variety of pool parts and equipment for sale on their website. Having worked as customers, distributors, and service professionals in the pool industry, Pogue Supply has the extensive knowledge you want in a pool supply company. So, if maximizing the use and health of your pool is a priority, search no further than Pogue Supply. The products they carry on their website are commercial grade pool fixtures equipped for residential or professional pool and spa performance. With products and service from Pogue Supply, pool and spa goers are allowed expert construction and superior optimization equal in durability and reliability to that of commercial and industrial pool offerings.


On their website, prospective pool parts buyers will find over 20,000 parts available from all major brands, including Hayward, Jandy, Pentair, Polaris, Sta-rite and Zodiac. The company boasts that they carry premier Pentair Pool Products for automatic pool cleaners, pool and spa pumps, and pool cleaners. Customers hoping to find the best option to buy pool pump brands would do well to consider Pogue Supply.


Pool owners know that pool pumps undergo a tremendous amount of tension when pools are used regularly, so savvy pool owners are aware of when to begin shopping for replacement pool pumps and motors. Through Pogue Supply, customers can choose from hundreds of pool parts from major brands and interact with real pool people to buy pool pump parts for sale. What began as a pool cleaning company that delivered cleaning services and repairs to pools, Pogue Supply is now an online presence with an additional physical storefront location where customers can choose to solve their pool maintenance problems either in person or through virtual inquiry. Pogue Supply offers in-store pickup for local customers, and will act as a liaison for customers who need assistance or representation when working with distributors and manufacturers. If you need a pool related part, or answers to any questions you may have, Pogue Supply will help you find exactly what you need. They want to help their customers have the best pool experience possible with the best, reliable pool and spa equipment. So visit them online and reach out to them today for all your pool and spa needs.

Prep Your Hot Tub with Spa Parts from Pogue Supply

With the end of summer and the start of fall, it’s time to start preparing your home for cooler days. Fall will start with crisp mornings and warm days leading into cold mornings and evenings with crisp, cool days before the onset of winter. Whatever you call it, a spa, hot tub, or jacuzzi, for those who own one, you’re one of the lucky ones. What’s more fun than enjoying those crisp, cool evenings while soaking in a spa, drinking an adult beverage and munching on your favorite snacks? Or perhaps you have some teenagers in the house whom you want to keep outside and occupied while you’re busy cooking dinner? Whatever the case, it’s best to start prepping early and stocking up on all the spa pump parts you may need so that, when the time comes, your spa will work as good as new.



The number one thing that you need to ensure your spa works perfectly is equipment. To ensure your spa will keep hot and comfortable and to ensure your motor runs as it should, you need to make sure that all of the parts that work in keeping this possible are up to date and working efficiently. Aside from the equipment, you also need to be sure that you have all of the parts and supplies to ensure a proper set-up. If you don’t know where to buy your spa pump parts, then I have an answer for you: Pogue Supply. Pogue Supply is a pool and spa parts supplier with cleaner parts, control systems, heater parts, pump parts, replacement motors, spa parts, switches, tools, valve parts and much more all easily accessible and available on their website.


Once you have the necessary items to keep your spa fully equipped and running, feel free to start thinking about ways in which you can make the experience more enjoyable. I mean, having a spa is already enjoyable, but adding a Rainbow Fountain Pool Light Show will really make your spa the place to hang. Whether the kids want to use it for a background on their Instagram pictures, or you want to use it for a romantic night with your special person, having a colorful fountain light show will simply add to the ambiance and turn your night in a moment you’ll never forget.


Another thing very much worth mentioning is that as cold comes, damage to parts can occur because of winter temperatures. Pogue Supply, however, has winterized plugs with non-corrosive construction so that you can keep your spa in top-notch condition all year round. They also carry water testing supplies so that you can ensure that the water in your spa is maintained properly and meets all safety measurements. For more information on the products that Pogue Supply offers, or for help determining the products you need to keep your spa running the way it should, visit their website at poguesupply.com, email them at info@poguesupply.com, or give them a call at 866-739-5658. They are already standing by the help their customers with anything they might need!

Pogue Supply is the Superior Pool Parts Distributor

In the summer months, a pool can be a necessary reprieve from the relentless heat. It can be an island of serenity in a sea of searing asphalt, a personal oasis where the problems of the outside world are checked at the door. A pool can also be a social place, a place to invite your neighbors for a cookout or for your kids and their friends to unwind after a long day of summer activities. For many people, the pool becomes the cornerstone of their entire season. It’s little wonder that adults and children alike look forward to the first warm day in spring with such feverish anticipation.



But a pool isn’t just a symbol of summer fun, it’s also a delicate ecosystem of interchangeable parts. A backed-up filter can lead to accumulation of unwanted debris and chemicals in the water, throwing off the chemical balance you’ve worked so hard to maintain. All too often a broken or unmaintained component can cause a sort of cascading failure which, at best, can cost you a lot of money and, at worst, cause harm or illness to anyone who uses the pool.


The good news is Pogue Supply carries a ridiculously large array of pool replacement parts to get your pool back in working order faster than you can say cannonball. We carry the best in Pentair Pool Products for pumps, heaters, cleaners, filters and more. Add to that our selection of parts from major brands such as Polaris, Sta-Rite, Jandy, Zodiac, and Hayward, and it becomes obvious that Pogue Supply is your one-stop shop for any of your pool needs.


Of course, it isn’t enough to simply carry 20,000 parts for nearly every conceivable pool size and brand. Without a helping hand, it can be downright overwhelming to sift through the mountains of pool replacement parts we offer. We know that. That’s why we at Pogue Supply are dedicated to mediating your experience as much as humanly possible. We’re here to help you, the customer, get the most out of your pool or spa.


We make it as easy as possible to search for the exact part you need, compare competing parts, and read the reviews. At Pogue Supply, we have a small army of customers who can testify to the strengths and weaknesses of specific components. And if all that wasn’t enough, you can contact us directly for maintenance device or component details that are still unclear. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best customer service possible, which means we won’t hesitate to contact manufacturers about any issues or questions you might have. Whatever your needs or experience, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


We know that your pool or spa is more than just a place to swim. It’s a way of life. And with proper maintenance and a dedicated team of specialists to guide you, you can make sure that your pool will be pristine each and every day.

Need Parts to Repair Your Pool?

Owning a swimming pool is a special treat. A pool is the perfect addition to any home when the summer months come rolling in and you want to have a way to keep cool. They’re perfect for when you’re looking for something fun for the little ones to do, or as a means of getting refreshing exercise. Even just lounging poolside with a book and a cocktail is a great way to enjoy a summer afternoon. But what happens when a part of your swimming pool stops working properly? It may seem disastrous, but with the right professionals in your corner, you can get your swimming pool back in working order simply and efficiently. If there’s a specific part you need replaced, look no further than Pogue Supply. Pogue Supply has a wide selection of replacement parts for your pool. Whatever you need replaced, you’ll find the part you need on their website.



If you’re looking for swimming pool filters parts, Pogue Supply has you covered. The filter of a swimming pool is a very important piece of equipment. It keeps your pool clean, drawing water in and removing dirt and debris before letting the water back out into the pool. This is important because dirt and debris can accumulate, opening up the possibility of bacteria growing in your pool, which can subject you and your family to illness. To prevent bacteria buildup in your pool, always be sure that your pool filter is in working order. If you need a replacement, Pogue Supply offers all kinds of swimming pool filters parts. They also stock several brands, including Anthony Apollo, Astral Pool, Baker Hydro, C.M.P, GAME, Harmsco Filtration, Hayward, Jacuzzi, Premier, Rainbow, Seablue, Sonfarrel, Speck, Splash Pak, Sta-Rite, W. Cooper, Waterco, Waterway and Wet Institute. With this much variety, you may feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry. When you shop at Pogue Supply, you can be sure that whichever brand you choose, you’ll be getting a quality part because they choose to work with only top-quality brands, ensuring that their products reflect the care that they put into their customer service.


If you’re looking for a part for your pool pump, you can also find that at Pogue Supply. The pump is another important part of any swimming pool. It’s made to pump cleaning chemicals into the water, preventing the spread of infection. With a properly functioning pool pump, the chlorine and other cleaning chemicals will be evenly distributed throughout the water in your pool. This way, your pool can stay clean and safe for enjoyment. Pogue offers a selection of parts from many of the same top quality brands that offer filter parts, and then some.


When it comes to keeping your swimming pool safe and clean, there’s no one you can rely on like Pogue Supply. Their selection of swimming pool parts and accessories is immense. If you have a pool or are considering adding one to your home, you’ll want to make Pogue Supply your go-to for replacement pool parts and pool accessories. They are the experts you want to have by your side. Visit them online today!